Post-COVID Health & Wellness Policies

After reading below, any further questions please email
Please note, we are operating under limited office hours. Emails will be returned within 48 hours.

We are making the following adjustments to our operation in order to comply with the laws and regulations stipulated within Subsections 12 (5) and (6) of Schedule 2 to Ontario Regulation 263/20:

1. All equipment is to be wiped down after each use.

Our antibacterial wipes will be available as usual, in the usual places. Our staff will continue to clean the facility and equipment after each class. It is now required that all equipment you handle during your workout is to be wiped down before it is put away.

Teamwork, y’all.

2. Footwear is mandatory.

Shoes, Crocs, lifters, socks, whatever. Cover your feet. It’s easier to sanitize a hand than a foot, and we get our feet on everything.

3. Come lift to get thicc, stay home if you’re sicc.

Not exactly new policy but ought to be to be written out regardless. Fit people are healthy people, and a huge component to , stay home. PR your sleep.

If you suspect you may have in come in contact with COVID, or are displaying symptoms, please stay home.

4. The front door is the only means of entrance and exit for the gym.

Massage and Physiotherapy are still dealing with tight distancing restrictions. To help keep their practices in accordance with their supervising bodies, they will have exclusive use of the side door.

5. The chalk bucket and water fountain have been, are and shall remain community use.

If you don’t feel comfortable using these shared supplies, you are welcome to bring your own.

6. please respect physical distancing.

Please ensure to keep 2m distance from all members and coaches at all times.
We ask that you do not share equipment. Partner WODs are a thing of the past.

7. Showers are currently closed.

Please note, protocols may change as further information is received by public health guidelines.
Thank you for respecting the policies in place.