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We have a variety of classes for all fitness levels, ages and interests, all with smaller class sizes so you receive personalized attention. For beginners to CrossFit, we recommend starting with our On Ramp class to learn the fundamental movements and safe handling of equipment. This will set you up for success in our regular group classes.

CrossFit Chris Murray

A fitness regimen of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.

(Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.)

The Method
A delicious blend of strength, conditioning and gymnastics that comes together to form a hybrid approach to developing ideal human health, fitness and performance.

We’ve cherry-picked the very best, most effective and most fun elements of other sports and training domains and grouped them together in ways to maximize their efficacy to optimize anyone’s athletic capacity. Bottom line: sometimes we go heavy, sometimes we go fast, and we’ll keep you safe and having fun through the whole process.

Programming in these classes can be scaled to match the athletic ability of everyone who comes through our doors. No single workout is going to be perfect for everyone, but we build programs designed to accommodate three generations of a family in a single class.

The Science
Quantifiable fitness. If you exercise regularly, you will become fit. That much is simple. The more complex question is; exactly how fit have you become? CrossFit is based on the principle of measuring your fitness across broad time and modal domains. The goal of any fitness regimen is to make you healthier, stronger, faster, fitter. CrossFit is the means to aggregate the data to measure exactly how healthy, strong, fast and fit you have become.

The Secret
The most overlooked part of this kind of training is the community. We’re all in this together, and we’re all in for each other. A group-training environment is where people’s athletic drive flourishes; you’ll sweat, laugh and set personal records together. Come meet your gym fam.

The Bottom Line
You should try this. If it’s your first time, no one expects you to be the best. Just do your best. And these classes will make your best better. You’ll have the numbers to show just how much better you are. We play the music loud, we do some epic stuff and look great doing it. It’s a fitness party. Come hang out!

Masters CrossFit (Ages 50+)

The Masters CrossFit classes focus on functional fitness and related movements patterns that will translate directly into activities of daily living. This means walking/running, biking, rowing, and a variety of body weight movements like pull-ups, push-ups, and squats.

We put a large focus on glute strengthening, midline stability, balance, mobility, postural correction and the “pre-habilitation” of common physical ailments seen in an older population.

The Masters CrossFit classes will get you healthy so you are able to live and thrive independently well into the later years of your life!

CrossFit Cubs (ages 5-8)

CrossFit Cubs class is concentrated on building solid movement patterns and creating healthy habits at an early age. We pay special attention to teaching a basic knowledge of how the body moves. Children will learn the foundational movements like the squat, push-up, climbing, jumping, and basic gymnastics movements. The class will be a series of drills and workouts that are brilliantly disguised as games to get your kiddos moving fast, getting strong, and blowing off some steam in a constructive manner.

In this program your child will learn to follow directions, communicate, and move properly through various athletic positions and demands. The goal is to get your child moving themselves and objects in a variety of positions and domains to get them moving well and growing strong so they can stay safe and healthy as they grow and develop.


CrossFit Ninjas (ages 9-12)

CrossFit Kids class teaches kids the basic physical skills and positions, as well as social skills and confidence. Understanding basic movements like the squat, push-up, climbing and jumping, gymnastic movements are expanded upon, while also including dynamic skills like sprinting, rowing, and plyometrics. This is also a class where some athletes may begin to encounter the barbell; albeit with limited loading and movement selection.

CrossFit Kids is where young athletes will encounter the foundational movements and principles of CrossFit in a learning environment curated to their age, biology and capacity. Whether this class is meant to supplement the fitness of another sport, be your child’s fitness regimen, or be the starting point in a lifetime of CrossFit development, your child will have an opportunity to progress and grow as both an athlete and a person.

Families can share the 10 pack of classes payment option between siblings for both Kids and Cubs classes

Grit Boot Camp fitness
Grit Boot Camp

Grit Boot Camp is a co-ed workout that’s adjusted for every level of athletic ability. Incorporating a variety of traditional equipment like med balls, dumbbells and jump rope, as well as unconventional equipment like battle ropes, sandbags, kettlebells and sleds. Grit builds strong bodies.

Grit Boot Camp welcomes all fitness levels from beginners to advanced. Looking to get fit? You need the Grit!

Apex Barbell

Apex Barbell focuses exclusively on olympic lifts and powerlifting; maximum effort training of the squat, dead lift and bench press and accessory movements to increase your absolute strength capacity.

These classes have limited enrolment to increase individual attention from the instructor to ensure your barbell savagery is executed with surgical precision.

On Ramp

What is On Ramp?
The majority of new clients that join CrossFit Shallow Lake haven’t  experienced a CrossFit class. Therefore, all new members start with our “On Ramp” Program. It’s designed to introduce you to the CrossFit methodology, the core CrossFit movements, and the intensity of the workouts. After you complete 3 hours of semi-private training with a CrossFit Coach you’ll be ready to jump into any of our daily group classes and start moving safely, efficiently, and effectively.

How much does it cost?
The On Ramp program has a one time cost of $115, plus tax.  Once you’ve completed the 3 sessions you’ll receive a certificate of completion and you’ll be ready to begin the CrossFit classes. We recommend you come 3-4 times per week for the best results.

When can I start?
You can start the On Ramp any time.  Purchase your On Ramp on our Rates page, then email or call 519-935-3581 to set up a time that works with your schedule for your first session. Coaches are available daily during our regular gym hours.

Our first priority is your health and safety. That’s why you go to the gym — to improve your health and safety. This course gives you the opportunity to work with a Certified Coach in a small-group training environment and learn how to properly (read: safely) execute the moves you’ll be using in a CrossFit class.

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