Get Better, Together

Team Training

Take your team’s performance to the next level. Whether it’s an in-office challenge, a fun way to hang with friends while making some gains, or turning your competitive team into an unstoppable physical force; a custom-tailored training regimen is the most effective and efficient way to achieve your goal.

Training as a team maximizes everyone’s output and progress. Doing so under the guidance and supervision of a professional, while completing a specially-designed program to enhance specific athletic abilities allows you to develop as an athlete and grow together as a team.

Medals may be awarded on gameday, but they are earned in the gym.

Team training rate: $120 (plus tax) per session

Please email to inquire about team training.

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Chris Murray CrossFit coach and personal trainer
Chris Murray


Chris Murray has been training people for nearly a decade and is currently a Certified Physical Preparedness Specialist (CPPS), has his CrossFit Level 1 Certficate, CrossFit Mobility, CrossFit Gymnastics, and CrossFit Strongman Certifications and is constantly expanding his knowledge-base and certifications.

A former OUA football player turned bodybuilder turned kickboxer turned powerlifter turned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Provincial and National Champion, Chris has spent years as a fitness jack-of-all-trades turned master of one: getting people stronger. Getting strong isn’t about angry music and lifting heavy barbells (that’s one way to do it, but far from the only way) instead it’s about use different equipment and movements in the gym to make everything in your life easier. Strength training makes it easier to carry your kids, easier to do yard work, you can work harder and play longer. Most importantly, it feels great.

Everything is an expression of strength. Power is strength expressed quickly, endurance is small bursts of strength expressed over a long period of time- and nothing burns fat faster than strength training. You deserve a trainer who is totally invested in you and making your goals a reality.

Lynn Murray CrossFit coach
Lynn Murray


Lynn has over a decade of experience in the personal training field. She competes as an Elite level CrossFit Athlete.
In 2019, Lynn qualified to compete at the ACAFA Strongman Nationals in the light-weight category and earned herself a spot at Worlds. Lynn is currently ranked 16th in the World after competing at The Arnold Strongman Classic in March 2020 in the light-weight category. 

She proudly created SLSC smash-hit Pink Grit Boot Camp in April 2015.

A lifelong athlete and proud mother of three boys, Lynn has a gift for bringing out the best in those around her and is a highly skilled trainer who delivers an unparalleled personal fitness experience for anyone who joins her class. Lynn has is always on the lookout for the latest and greatest information and certifications to expand her training skills.

Grant Caddock CrossFit Coach
Grant Craddock


Our friendly neighbourhood CrossFit Coach. Grant has three years of experience leading CrossFit with his CF L1 certificate.

In addition to competing in Elite Level CrossFit competitions for several years, Grant has played Varsity Basketball, won the Canadian championship at baseball and played six years of AAA hockey.

To say he’s an athlete is an understatement, he’s basically Spider-Man! With all this passion for sports and athleticism, Grant has obtained his CPPS certification which is the gold standard for professionals within Strength and Conditioning.